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Thanks for participating in FitFactor, the Air Force Youth Fitness and Health program! I'll tell you a little more about FitFactor because I want you to be able to hurry out to play and earn points!

The Air Force Services Child and Youth Programs is committed to the well-being of families and youth - that's you! FitFactor is a web-based program that encourages young people to Get Up, Get Out and Get Fit! You'll see that phrase a lot around the base! You can get points for being active in a variety of ways - from team sports to household chores, you can start earning points to achieve the five FitFactor levels. For each level you reach you earn valuable prizes!The FitFactor levels are Energy, Strength, Agility, Adventure and Endurance.

The FitFactor point levels are arranged like this:

Energy= 1,000 points
Strength= 3,000 points
Agility= 8,000 points
Adventure= 15,000 points
Endurance= 25,000 points

You can earn up to 100 points per day by eating healthy or being active in a variety of ways. Research shows that sixty minutes of physical activity is important to live a healthy lifestyle - more than sixty minutes of physical activity is even better for you! So we listened to these experts and based our point system on this sixty-minute rule. Some activities are more strenuous so you will get more points for these than some of the other activities.

The important thing to remember is that ALL activity is good for a healthy body and attitude!

Are you ready to go outside and play! The FitFactor program is based on the activities that you do in school, at home, with friends, family, and pets and even alone. So all the points you earn and record on the website (to get to those valuable rewards!) are based on the FitFactor honor system.

What's the FitFactor honor system you ask? The FitFactor honor system is a code that all FitFactor participants agree upon when they register. All points you record are based on actual activities and events that you participated in or did that week. What this means is - No fudging allowed! Remember we are doing this to encourage you to Get Up, Get Out and Get Fit and help you continue down the path of healthy living. Healthy habits last a lifetime so it's best to start now! Besides, a reward that is unearned is no reward at all!

When you reach a new FitFactor level, the computer will congratulate you on your success and tell you to go to the Youth Center to pick up your valuable rewards!

In addition to the level prizes there will also be monthly FitFactor Bonus Prize Drawings! If you are selected, you will be notified by email and then have two weeks to go to the Youth Center and pick up your prize. If you do not pick it up or if your email gets returned your prize will be forfeited. You do not want to lose that reward so make sure to update your records if you move or change your email accounts!

Keep in mind that the prizes are cool but the ultimate reward is being active and healthy living! The FitFactor website can help you make a plan to Get Up, Get Out and Get Fit! It has cool ideas on how to stay fit, get fun snack recipes, nutrition tips and lots of other fun areas to explore. So earn your points, visit the FitFactor website to log them in and then get out there and start earning more points! Have fun, play hard and be safe.

Now it’s time for you to Get Up, Get Out, Get Fit and log those points! We'll see you at the next FitFactor level.

Welcome To FitFactor

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